Thursday, July 3, 2008

Review Of The My World Plus Opportunity - Make Money And Save In Hard Economic Times

Every now and then comes along an opportunity with the right product and right timing to that makes a huge impact in people's lives. My World Plus is one of those opportunities that comes along just when people need it the most. The timing of this program and it's timeless product are perfect for hard economic times ahead for everyone. With the fear of recession and rising cost of energy, food and services, My World Plus offers a unique way for the average consumer to save hundreds of dollars every month, while at the same time giving them a chance to earn a second income.

What Do You Get With A Membership?

Members of My World Plus get the chance to save money every time they purchase something at over 200,000 retailers worldwide. Every thing from travel, entertainment, food and clothes from local merchants. Every member gets a discount shopping card and can print out savings coupons which can be handed in at merchants for savings.

My World Plus also has a cash back shopping of up to 20% at over 2,000 online stores. A membership only cost $20 a month, but the cost will pay for itself over and over again compared to the hundreds in savings you will find when shopping with your savings card and coupons.

But this is only the start of the great benefits you get when becoming a member. You also get a chance to participate in one of the most lucrative compensation plans of any home based business opportunity out there today. Members have the chance to earn money

5 Different Ways To Earn Income

As a reward for sharing the savings with other people, My World Plus introduces a unique compensation plan that allows the average person with no home based business experience to earn income in up to five different ways.

The system implements a vertical acceleration model which leverages the efforts of people above and below you for the benefit of the whole group. In addition to the vertical acceleration, the system also provides lots of bonuses and residual income as rewards for top performing affiliates.

Runs Almost Completely Automated

If you decide to use the My World Plus membership to make money with in addition to the savings, they provide you with a automated marketing system to follow up with prospects and potential team members.

You get your own lead capture pages hosted for free with a system designed to follow up personally with prospects that helps you earn more money and get more signups without any work on your end.

It's up to you to get visitors to your site and promote your My World Plus business, and the system will take it from there. All of the methods on how to bring people to your website along with weekly training calls are all available inside the members area.


With a product that literally pays for itself, and one of the most lucrative and powerful compensation plans in the home business industry, it's no wonder that My World Plus is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In these hard economic times coming many people are looking to save money and this program provides a solution to people looking to save big and earn more.

Sign up for My World Plus and take a risk free no obligation look at this exciting opportunity today at ==> - Are you tired of home business failure? Learn how to generate 3, 568 leads and 156 recruits all in 3 months with the free SpiderWeb Marketing System

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Trouble Traffic Review: Real Website Traffic For Real Results

I recently have started to outsource a lot of my work to free up some time and work on starting new projects. Now outsourcing can sometimes be a pain, but once you get hooked up with a trustworthy partner or company, it can benefit you tremendously by having someone else take care of the heavy work load and time consuming tasks every day.

Currently I am using No Trouble Traffic to help drive fresh targeted traffic to a couple of my websites and I am completely satisfied by the work and support I have received since the start of my campaign.

What I like about this service is that you simply provide a URL a couple of keywords and a short description of your website and then they take over and do the rest of the grunt work by writing articles and posting on related forums, blogs and Yahoo Answers. They also provide social bookmarking to boost your traffic even more from multiple sources.

There is no wondering weather or not the work is being done or not because every month you get a full report in the No Trouble Traffic members area of all the work that is done up to the present including links to articles and posts on Yahoo Answers or in forums and blogs.

Support is excellent and questions or concerns are answered very quickly and nothing is left out. I have tried other similar services in the past only to be left alone and in the dark about my work and progress.

No Trouble Traffic provides webmasters with real results using proven traffic methods and no experimental or junk traffic generation. The great thing is that even if you stop using the service, you will still benefit from the residual traffic forever from all the back links they work on placing for you all over the Internet.

Right now the price is an absolute steal at $197 a month. This is only an introductory offer and 50 spots will be open until they are filled up and gone forever. I really suggest you jump on this now if you are looking to hire someone to get your website traffic. You can easily make this back with a few sales if your website has a good sales page or product.

Click here to start getting No Trouble Traffic now!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proven Tested Traffic Sources & A Free Ad Tracker

Every successful marketer needs to constantly track and test
their ad campaigns so that they can maximize their ROI.

I run dozens of ads every week and I am always testing out
new advertising resources to find the best converting ones.

Fortunately I get a little help and inside information from
the folks over at Traffic Testers.

What's great about this service is that they run the campaigns
and track the results so you can get a look before you place
your ads if the advertiser lives up to their claims or if it's just
another scam to avoid.

When you become a member of Traffic Testers you get every
month 10 new ad sources to choose from with detailed reports
of real campaigns that were run with them.

Your membership will provide you with access to information
on the following types of traffic:

Pay Per Click
Targeted Traffic
Classifieds (Free & Paid)
Traffic Exchanges
Email Marketing
Purchased Leads
Solo Ads
Static Text Links
Banner Advertising
Text Link Advertising
Guaranteed Signups
Directory Submission Software/Services
Search Engine Submission Software/Services
Ezine Advertising

I really love this service and feel confident every time I spend
money advertising that I'll make even more back, not to mention
the other goodies and bonuses inside the members area.

Click here to check out Traffic Testers and find out more benefits
of being a member.

I also recently discovered a new ad tracking service that is free to sign up with and lets you track up to 5 websites with the free tracker. When I joined and was going through the members area, the tracker looked very similar to the way that Adtrackz works. I wish I had known about this before I spent $77 on Adtrackz, but I don't mind because it's hosted on my server and not someone else.

If you want to start experimenting with ad tracking and are looking for a free one, I suggest you check out Pro Tracker Plus. It functions just like any other tracker and tracks clicks, actions and sales plus PPC keywords and gives you the ability to cloak affiliate links all for no charge. Click here to get your free Pro Tracker Plus ad tracker.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Switching Back To HostGator Web Hosting

After finally having enough with my current web hosting company which I'll will not name right now, I am moving back to HostGator which is something I should of done a long time ago and was the stupidest mistake I ever made by leaving them.

Let me tell you it really sucks having an unreliable web hosting company. It's hard to sleep at night not knowing if your websites are up and running and if everything is running smoothly.

HostGator has one of the best reputations online and they certainly live up to it. I recommend them to anybody who is looking for anything from a web hosting starter package all the way up to reseller and dedicated server plans.

The support is outstanding and the uptime is truly 99.9%. I don't ever recall having downtime when I was with them, and I am looking forward to going back and having my websites run smoothly once again.

One thing that really sucks switching web hosting servers is having to transfer the websites from one to the other. The hardest part was trying to transfer my Wordpress blogs and SQL databases, but I figured it out using the import - export features and the website backup features in cPanel. Once you have the old database imported, you just have to change a few settings like the new username and passwords and your fine.

Anyway, I'm can't wait to get back up and running with HostGator and finally getting back on track with my marketing instead of talking back and forth between tech support.

Click here to check out HostGator web hosting for as little as $7.95 a month for shared hosting packages

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The SpiderWeb Marketing System: Is This Finally The First Real Automated Internet Business?

There is a brand new Internet marketing lead generation system out called the SpiderWeb marketing system which could quite possibly be the world's first real automated internet business that would require virtually hands free maintenance and operation.

One of the most powerful features of the system is the addition of an automated blog that gets updated with content by a team of writers for all the members of the system and helps bring in traffic and revenue from the 12 income streams that can be earned as a member of the system.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Not long at all. Once you become a free member of the SpiderWeb marketing system you get to browse the back office which contains step-by-step videos in setting up your automated income and traffic streams. All of the steps can be completed in about two hours. The only thing you have to do is get approved by some affiliate networks like CJ and Adsense which will be easy once you have your blog setup.

Here is an example of an automated blog that they setup for you:
Click here for to see the automated blog

It is customized with your personal information, so it makes it more unique and avoids duplicate content by having different content then other members.

How Much Does It Cost?

Becoming a member of the SpiderWeb marketing system is absolutely free right now. The only other setup cost is a small $10 a month fee which is required for domain and hosting of your blog, but this $10 a month fee will also have the potential to earn you lots of income as you refer others to the system.

Besides the domain and hosting fees, there are some other programs that you have the option to upgrade in and earn additional income streams with. The only other out of pocket expenses would be for advertising should you choose to use PPC ads which drive the automated traffic to your website.

You could of course decide to market it free which would make the system not so automated and also eat up more of your time in finding alternatives to drive website traffic through other sources.


It's still too early to tell what the success of the SpiderWeb marketing system will be, but so far thousands of people have jumped on board. As far as finding an automated Internet business, this system is probably the closest thing you will ever come to finding a hands free, low maintenance system that can earn you money.

If your willing to pay a small $10 fee for hosting and put a little money into advertising, the SpiderWeb marketing system could be what you have been searching for. Once you setup the system, you can literally spend as little as five minutes a day and earn income from twelve different sources.

Click here now to get your free SpiderWeb marketing system

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Make Sure Your Monitor Your Websites Uptime With A Website Monitoring Service

Ever since I put up my first website, I just assumed that everything was alright with my web host and my website would be up and running all the time. I was shocked to see how my current hosting company actually performed when placing a website uptime monitor on my site to track the performance of my sites.

You would be shocked how many times your site can actually go down in one day. It is important to have a good uptime monitor, because they will send you an email and alert you to your website going offline.

These programs are also useful to test different web site hosting companies to see who lives up to their 99% uptime promises. It is important if you are spending money on your website to advertise that you have a well maintained server with a good uptime performance. If your website is constantly down, you could potentially be losing hundreds of dollars in sales and leads.

I am so frustrated with my current hosting company which has had over 20 outages this month which is almost double from the previous month. Thanks to my website uptime monitor, I can receive alerts directly in my email about changes in my websites uptime status.

Do yourself a favor and monitor your websites uptime. You will sleep better at night knowing that you can trust your hosting company to have your site up and running 24/7 at optimum performance.

Click here to sign up for free website monitoring now

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheap 5 Cents A Click PPC Ads With Adbrite

There is a little known network that many Internet marketers are not aware of called Adbrite. This network is a great alternative to Google Adwords which can be very costly to run if you are not experienced with PPC advertising. Starting April 1st, Google Adwords will be starting a new policy that the destination url must match the dispaly url with no exceptions.

This looks like it might be a big problem for many affiliate marketers currently running Adwords using different landing pages and destinations. With the Adbrite network, their are no restrictions on this url policy and it is much easier to advertise an affiliate url in the ads without having to purchase a domain name.

Adbrite works a little different then Adwords in the sense that you are not bidding on individual keywords. You can have the option to input keywords into the campaigns or just let them do the work by showing your ad on all of the sites in the network which are relevant to your ad.

The best part about it is that you can get started with a new campaign for as little as five cents a click with a budget of $5 a day to run it. There is also a one time activation fee of $4.95 to open an account.

The cool thing about Adbrite is that you can choose where you want your ads to be seen by choosing the location, income or ethnicity of the viewer. You can also narrow it down by targeting a specific age group or category.

The also have another section where you can browse through a list of sites in the network to advertise on by site targeting and buying ad space or impressions.

Adbrite lets you run text ads, banner ads or full page ads.

You can also publish Adbrite ads on your website and make money the same way you would with Adsense.

If you want to get very cheap and highly targeted traffic to your website right away, I suggest checking out the Adbrite network. It is good for both newbies to PPC marketing and also experienced marketers looking for new ways to advertise their websites.

Click here to sign up with Adbrite today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EasyBlogsPro: Harness The Power Of A Wordpress Article Directory

Up until recently having your own article directory required having to buy or download an article directory script that would need to be installed and setup to receive and create new accounts from authors and article distribution sites around the Internet like Article Marketer and iSnare.

Now Kim Standerline and her partner James Lee have introduced Internet marketers to EasyBlogsPro which is a powerful new article directory script which harnesses the awesome power of the Wordpress blogging platform.

Wordpress is considered hands down the best publishing platform around with its ease of use and also being very search engine friendly and indexed and ranked quickly by major search engines.

This gives EasyBlogsPro a big advantage over a regular article directory script. With this software you can have all of the features of a fully functional article directory along with the publishing power of Wordpress with its automatic pinging features and add on plug-ins features which make it a very powerful combo.

It's a proven fact that when you own your own article directory, your Adsense income will explode because you will constantly be updated with fresh content for search engine spiders to feed off.

Installation of EasyBlogsPro is a breeze and the setup can be done in a matter of 10 minutes. All that is required is to upload a couple of PHP scripts into your Wordpress directory and then sign up with one of the article submission sites to start receiving articles daily on autopilot or if you choose to put them in draft mode to review.

The articles come from the three big article distribution sites right now including Article Marketer, Isnare and The Phantom Writers with more to be added in the future.

Along with the article directory scripts come a bunch of other bonuses like some custom Wordpress templates, videos to get started and a big folder of the best Wordpress plug-ins to get your new directory up and running and optimized perfectly for maximum Adsense and affiliate revenue.

You can either choose to setup a tightly themed niche article site or just a general directory with every category. Whichever you choose, EasyBlogsPro looks like a promising new piece of software for Adsense publishers and Internet marketers looking to make a nice income off of a hands free low maintenance website with constantly updated fresh content.

Click here to learn more EasyBlogsPro

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Google Adsense: 3 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Income

Today many Internet marketers and bloggers are finding much harder to earn money with the Google Adsense program. When it was first introduced, many publishers found it easy to make thousands of dollars, but now many of them are finding their income cut in half and barely making a few dollars a day.

If you plan on making serious money with Adsense, you have to either have hundreds of small niche websites that make a few dollars a day or you need a big website that gets millions of page views every month. Some webmasters find it easier to concentrate on building smaller niche websites based on high paying keywords.

Here are some ways that you can instantly increase your Google Adsense income by implementing these strategies today.

1. Google Custom Search Engines

This is one thing that very few people are utilizing. With Google custom search engines you can create your own search engine on any subject and also customize which websites to crawl to bring back relevant results.

Let's say you have a website about dog training. You can create a custom search engine and specify which dog training websites you want it to search to bring back results from these sites. When the user clicks on any of the paid sponsor ads, you will get paid by Adsense. The great thing about this is that you are earning more money then regular Adsense clicks because the results are on the regular network and not the content network where people don't bid as much for inclusion.

When you start to use Google's custom search engines you will notice a much higher CTR and also more money being made by your clicks.

2. Start Your Own Article Directory

It's a fact that owning your own article directory is a great way to increase your Adsense earnings. Article directories like and earn thousands of dollars from Adsense becuase they are always being updated with fresh unique content from the authors that submit to them and have hundreds of thousands of pages indexed in Google.

Having your own article directory also lifts the burden of having to generate your own content which can be very time consuming. You can just sit back and have content created for you and collect Adsense revenue for yourself.

You can easily create your own article directory by downloading a number of scripts available that will let you setup your site to receive articles automatically from article distribution websites like Article Marketer and iSnare.

3. Custom Website Parking Pages

Instead of parking your unused domains at Sedo, try making your own custom parking page with your Adsense ads and content. All you have to do is create a simple page with an article based on the subject of your domain with a couple of images and place Adsense all over the page blended into the background.

Instead of earning pennies every click for your type-in traffic domains or expired domains you can earn money from the Adsense ads which will pay you 100% instead of giving a percentage away to the parking company.

Doing this will also get you organic search traffic from your content instead of having a parked page with nothing but sponsored links on it.

Discover how to create your own article directory using the power of the Wordpress blogging platform with EasyBlogsPro.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Licenses Available For 5 Minute Minisites

I came across this software the end of last year and purchased it when it was first released. I have to say that 5 Minute Minisites is probably one of the coolest and easiest self generating content website apps out there. It is not your usual scraped article RSS content generator, as a matter of fact it does not even use articles for it's content.

The name of it is no joke. You can literally put up a full website that is full of links and content in a matter of minutes. The 5 Minute Minisites software utilizes a technology that pulls feeds that are not used by most people to provide a self generating constantly updated website that has video feeds, photo feeds, blogs, news, related links, articles and auction feeds.

The process of creating a website is as simple as uploading a file to your server and then just inserting a keyword and the software will do the rest of the work by instantly pulling content from various sources and producing a full 8 page website translated into 8 different languages for a total of 64 pages from one keyword. You can then expand your website even more by adding more keywords and creating new pages on a subdomain or new directory.

If you have a lot of domains that are not developed yet and are just sitting around collecting pennies from being parked 5 Minute Minisites is a great way to monetize them and get some pages indexed fast. The templates are very nice and clean CSS Wordpress style templates with Adsense perfectly blended into each one. It also gives you the ability to insert your own custom banner on each page as well as a Commission Junction ID to collect commissions from eBay auction ads. You can also insert a custom message or paragraph, kind of like a blog post at the top of each page.

One of my favorite features is the site flippers license that is available right now for only a limited time. Using this you have the right to sell websites created with the software. You can very easily buy a domain for $10 and make a website with 64 pages of content instantly and turn around and flip for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have a chance I would definitely check out this program before it goes off the market. I don't know if the licenses for it will be available forever. There are also some cool bonuses you can pick up like an international markets keyword research tool.

Click here to learn more about 5 Minute Minisites.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate Review

I do not write a lot of reviews about ebooks, but when I do you can be sure it is something that I have actually purchased myself and have read. Now I have spent a lot of money on crap that I could recommend to you, but why would I want to do this. You will just wind up being angry at wasting your money on rehashed information that will just leave you hanging and needing more and never trust my word again.

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate by Chris Rempel is one exception to these guru affiliate marketing manuals that don't deliver on their promise.

What I don't like about most books on internet affiliate marketing is that they have no real blueprint or step-by-step system for implementing the techniques they tell you about. This leaves most people stranded and looking for more information and not having a plan of action to build their business from.

Now one thing that I can say that is negative about Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate is that the concept of it being for lazy people could be misleading to some people, but not if you follow some of the suggestions Chris gives in his book to outsource the steps freeing up your time to be more lazy.

This book is definitely not for someone with no experience. You will need some understanding of basic internet marketing and web design concepts to understand the blueprint in full which are not explained in the book. It is designed also show you how to make money without paid advertising for the marketer on a tight budget.

What Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate gets into is first starting off by finding a market with a large demand and lots of buyers. It is the exact opposite of what most guru's will tell you about finding small niche markets based around your passions.

This book takes you step-by-step from market research, building mini websites that are built for set and forget traffic and then eventually leading into your own product creation for future expansion of your income. It also touches on some extremely powerful viral traffic generation techniques utilizing shareware and freeware to submit to software directories that generate instant viral traffic and sales for your affiliate product.

Now if you want to truly be lazy, Chris explains how you can outsource most of the work involved in building and marketing the mini sites that can cost anywhere from $500-700 dollars each, but if done properly with a great market in demand, it can bring in thousands of dollars in residual income every year on autopilot.

What I really like about Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate is that nothing is mysterious on the sales page. You get exactly what you see. There is no guesswork as to what the methods are, no secrets and no hyped up talk about you making millions of dollars from some washed up internet marketing method that has been used by a million people. You probably know many of the methods already, but might not know exactly how to put them into action and make money with them.

The book is 62 pages long and priced at a very affordable $29.95 - I would have to say that there is more value in these pages then most $47 or $97 dollar books I have purchased that only tell you about one technique. Here you are getting five proven strategies for getting free traffic and a complete blueprint for building an empire of mini websites one at a time that pull in traffic that buys in a high demand market.

Click Here For Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

Saturday, February 9, 2008

3 Different Ways To Get High Quality Unique Content For Your Website Or Blog

One of the major challenges many marketers face when trying to build websites or establish a presence online if finding unique content for their websites or blog. Some of the downsides of using other authors articles are that you have to provide a link back to their websites which draw attention away from your site and many other people could be using the same article decreasing the chances of it getting a good position in the search engines.

This leaves us with the only option of creating our own unique content. We are going to discuss three different ways that you can get unique content for your website or blog and establish yourself as an authority in your niche over time.

1. Write It Yourself Or Hire A Ghostwriter

This is the way that most people do it and is the most time consuming depending on your writing skills. I have gotten to the point where I can write a 400-500 word article in as little as fifteen minutes.

If you decide to write it yourself to make the process go a lot smoother I would suggest you do some research at first so when it comes down to the actual writing process you will know exactly what to write about and not get stumped.

A simple way to do this is to do some basic keyword research and find the topic you are going to write on. After you have found your keyword you are going to need to search for the keyword in Google and find four to five related articles from different websites which you can use as a reference for what to write about. You want to make each paragraph revolve around one point and then add a introduction telling the readers what it is about and a conclusion summing it up. After you do this for awhile it becomes easier and you should be banging out articles like there is no tomorrow.

If you don't have the time or not confident enough to do this, there is always the option of hiring a ghostwriter. You can simply go to a website like or and start looking for writers. You can writers that will make a 400-500 word article from anywhere from $3 - $15 an article.

You can also look around in online forums. There are always people advertising article writing services for cheap. Just make sure you always get a sample of someones work to make sure you are getting your moneys worth.

2. Private Label Rights Articles

The next option would be to buy or download free private label rights articles. This is kind of like hiring a ghostwriter, only the articles you have could also be owned by hundreds of other people also. With PLR articles you have the right to change the content in any way you want to.

The only downside to this is that you have to rewrite the articles if you are going to submit them to article directories. This is because all directories ban any uploading of PLR, so you have to make you version unique. You can do this by simply changing the title and rewriting the body of the article in your own words.

Alternatively you can also hire a freelancer to rewrite them for you or buy a article content spinner to come up with unique versions of them. Personally I find it faster to rewrite them myself then to use a content spinner. Most of them require a lot of setup and some don't work that good and only spit out stuff that does not make sense only to have you rewriting it in the end anyway.

3. Public Domain Works

The public domain is a huge source of untapped content that can be used in any way you want because there is no copyrights on the material. There are thousands and thousands of works in the public domain that can be picked up and repackaged under your name and sold or submitted as your work.

If you decide to go this route, you really need to do the proper copyright research and totally make sure that you are able to use the material. You can not only use it for articles and content, but you can also make reports and brand them with your affiliate links to distribute all over.

That's about it really for your options of getting quality unique content for your website or blog. If you are interested in my favorite article research tool check out Instant Article Wizard. This neat little program takes a lot of time out of article research and writing. It's about the closest thing you will ever own to a program that writes an article for you with the push of a button. Click here for more information on Instant Article Wizard.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lower Your Taxes To The Legal Minimum With Home Business Tax Deductions

The tax season is coming up soon and if you own a home business or do Internet marketing, you may be unaware of the many tax deductions that are available to you when you operate a small business out of your home.

It is vital that you keep excellent records of all your activity if you plan on using your home business as a tax write off. Make sure to save all of your receipts for software, ISP charges, cell phone, marketing expenses, Adwords and other related expenses that your business costs.

Owning a home business can give you much more in tax savings compared to just having a regular job where there are only very few things you can do to save.

For instance you can use your car and track the mileage traveling back and forth between your home office and work and use that as a tax deduction. It is also possible to use a part of your home and deduct a percentage of your utilities that you use for your home office. You can even write off travel and dining expenses used for talking to clients and new prospects if you are involved with network marketing or Internet marketing.

The list is absolutely huge of all the things you can deduct from web hosting costs to outsourcing work for your business online.

There is even a way that you can take home more money from your regular job every week by doing a little trick that is totally legal and only works for people that own a home business. This one trick alone can show you a way to find extra money to operate your home business or Internet marketing business.

Click here for a complete guide to learning how to lower your taxes to the legal minimum with a home business and find that extra cash that you need desperately!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Planning Out Your Basic SEO Strategy With Keyword Research, Content And Links

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most talked about topics online these days. Every webmaster is looking to crack the secret code that will land their website in Google top 10. It seems like there exist many experts who know some kind of secret seo strategy, but does one really exist?

Back in the day it was really simple to rank for competitive keywords when black hat and spam techniques still work like stuffing tags and keywords into web pages and feeding spiders cloaked pages with junk content only to push the real page to the visitor the way you wanted them to see it.

Planning your seo strategy is not as hard as you may think.

It is really not necessary to hire someone to do it for you. Many of these simple techniques can be done in a couple of minutes and will have you getting organic search traffic in a couple of months or even weeks.

Here is a list of some basic things you can do to start optimizing your website or blog for the search engines.

1. Keyword Research

This is where you begin your journey. Every search engine needs to find relevant content on web pages and you will begin by deciding which word is going to be used to base the content of the page around.

It is best to try and target three to four phrase keywords at first. They are easier to rank for and have less competition. They also tend to be people who are looking more to buy and not doing research with a one or two word phrase.

Here is a really cool free keyword research tool that I use daily at SEO Book:

Play around with it a little bit and see how many times people are searching for something. Find a keyword in your niche that gets a couple of hundred hits a day.

2. Content Building

When you have found the keyword you want to rank for it's now ready to build your web page. Don't worry about having to write a page for every keyword. Just one keyword optimized page can bring in traffic from different variations of the original keyword also.

The only meta tags that you need to worry about in your page is the title, keywords and description tags. I think sometimes that all search engines care about is the title of the page and description since these are what shows up in the results.

Your title should be clever and have a call to action in it. It is important because this is what visitors will see when they search for your keyword. If you just name it a boring keyword it will not get as many click throughs as a call to action headline. The same applies to writing the description. Remember your keyword will show up bold in the result pages, so try to use it more then once for extra attention.

Finish building your web page or blog post now by adding the content and placing your keyword naturally in the body copy, but don't over use it.

3. Link Building

This is the final phase of your basic seo strategy. In this part you just want to build links back to your web page or blog post using the keyword and variations of it in the anchor text.

There are many places where you can get free back links to your page like Digg, Craigslist, MySpace, Facebook, directories, forums and blogs. Start off by writing an article and blasting it out to a couple of article directories like which has a high page rank and will get you indexed quickly.

Content and links bring natural search engine traffic it is that simple. Sometimes you do not even need links and can make a blog post and have it start to rank in a couple of weeks.

Good keyword research combined with content and links is your basic seo strategy that you can start today and get results with.

If you want to learn more about seo I highly suggest you check out SEO Book. Buy it once and get free updates for life every time there are major changes in the seo world. It's recommended and used by college professors in MBA level courses around the world. Click here for the #1 ranked SEO Book and the only current SEO book in the world.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Top Three Reasons Why You Must Be Using Ad Tracking Software

One of the most vital pieces of software that you should invest in before anything in Internet marketing is a good ad tracker. If you are serious about making money with Internet marketing and want to get the biggest return on investment, you have to track your ads with a good ad tracker.

Without one you are basically marketing blindly and will never know if anything you do is effective or not at converting sales or building a mailing list. One of the best ways to lose money real fast, especially when it comes to placing e-zine solo ads is to send out your ad without having some type of tool to track results.

Below are my top three reasons why you must be using ad tracking software in your daily Internet marketing routine.

1. Learn Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

It is important to know the source of your traffic to your lead capture page or website. You can save a lot of time during your day if you are able to concentrate more on marketing in places where you can see you are pulling more traffic from.

If you do a lot of article marketing or forum marketing with an ad tracker, you can see if one directory or forum pulls in more traffic then the other one and you will be able to concentrate your marketing efforts on source with the higher click-through rate.

There is no sense in promoting an affiliate program and then asking yourself if it is working or not when you do not know what places are more effective in marketing your website.

2. Split-Testing Different Ads For Maximum Click-Through Rate

If you ever used Google Adwords you will notice that there is a section in the account area where you can put different variations of ads and run them in one campaign rotating them evenly so you can see which one performs better. This is what it means to run a split-test.

When you split-test your ads or website copy, you have the ability to see which copy converts better. This is important for people who advertise using Adwords, solo-Ads, classified sites and sales pages where just changing one word could mean the difference between a sale and someone passing it on.

After you split-test your ads for a long time, you will start to see a huge increase in your income when you know which ads people are clicking on more than others. Always run at least 3-4 different variations on an ad and then determine which one is performing better and drop the rest. You can even take it a step further and take your best performing ad and change around word placement and optimize it even more.

3. Tracking Your Return On Investment

Most ad tracking software gives you the ability to track how many sales you get or how many leads you make. This is done by simply placing a hidden code in the thank you page or confirmation page of a website which registers in the ad tracker as an action or sale.

Usually the code is a simple hidden pixel that is embedded in the page that tells the ad tracker that someone has visited and what they purchased. Some ad trackers can even track sales of affiliate programs of products you do not own, although the webmaster of the program would have to agree to place the code on his site which he should not object to because you are only helping him make more money.

When you track your return on investment, you can always re-run campaigns that have made you money and drop ones that don't convert so every time you spend money you will minimize your losses and maximize your gains. This is how everyone online does it.

So you can see without an ad tracker, you are pretty much shooting blindly and hoping to hit a target. If you are interested in ending the frustration of online marketing and not seeing results, you first need to install some ad tracking software before you go about doing anything.

When it comes down to buying an ad tracker you can wither get a web based service for a monthly fee or install it on your own server. I prefer to have my own and be in control.

Click here for an affordable ad tracking software with link cloaking technology.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Instant Targeted Traffic With Expired Domain Names

One of the best methods to get targeted traffic to your website right away is with the use of expired domain names. This is a method that is very rarely used by website owners and can literally send thousands of visitors to your website overnight.

Before you go out and buy an expired domain name you have to do some research and find out if it is worth picking up. Everyday thousands of domain names expire and are available for you to pick up at market price. Some of the really good names are snatched up by auction houses and sold for a higher price starting at $60 and up.

This is much different then buying expired traffic online from traffic brokers. This traffic is very untargeted and brings you no results. When you find a good expired domain, it can bring you very targeted traffic depending on what kind of website it use to be. Many times people have websites that they owned for years and have existing page rank and thousands of backlinks in Google. You can seriously buy it and redirect it to an affiliate program related to the content and have money pouring in. It is also an excellent way to build a mailing list.

Other things that you can do with expired domains are flip them for a higher profit on eBay or sell them on which lets you park them and earn money from advertising. You can also develop the domains into new sites and monetize them with affiliate programs and Adsense.

Where do you find expired domains?

One place where I find domains that are about to expire is at Premium Drops. They provide a list of domains about to expire and domains expiring at this moment and also give you vital stats like Alexa ranking, page rank, backlinks and Overture TLD which gives you an estimate of the type-in traffic a domain name will receive.

Good names that are about to expire are very hard to get. If you don't have a drop catching software it is probably going to get picked up by backorder sites like SnapNames. All you have to do is register with SnapNames and put in a request to backorder the domain name. If nobody else wants it you can pick it up for $60, but if other people request it, the domain goes into a private auction.

You can check out other sites like Sedo, GoDaddy, Enom who all have public auctions for expired domain names.

What do you need to look for in an expired domain?

When shopping for names about to drop, there are a couple of indicators that it is a good domain with lots of traffic.

Does it have Alexa ranking?

Anything under 1,000,000 is amazing. This is a good indicator that the site gets a lot of hits. You can go to Alexa and see charts to see if the traffic has maintained itself since expiring.

Does it have page rank?

If you can pick up a domain with existing page rank of 4 or more, you can instantly put up a site and have people pay you money for advertising. All you have to do is go to a forum and advertise one way PR4 links for sale and you will make monthly income.

Does it have a high link popularity?

You want to see that the site is well spread across the Internet in all of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. You also want to make sure that the quality of links is from good authority sites like directories and blogs and not spam links.

If you want to learn more about the opportunity to profit from domain names and picking up expired domains for traffic I recommend checking out these two courses:

Domains Into Dollars


Domain Profiteer

They will provide you with everything you need to get started in the domain business.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Using Free Classifieds For Traffic And Leads

One of the quickest ways to get started with driving targeted traffic to your website or blog is through the use of free classifieds. Many of these sites get millions of hits every month and can bring you some serious traffic if you post the right ad.

One of the newest additions is a website called which is kind of like another Craigslist, but not as plain looking. Craigslist is still great and also has a very high page rank. If you are first putting up a website that is not indexed, just put up a quick ad on Craigslist and you should be indexed in 24 hours becuase Google crawls this site everyday.

It is not unusual to see your ad appear in the search results after posting to Craigslist in as little as one week as long as the search term does not have much competition.

Another site which I use regularly is USFreeAds. This is one of the most visited free classified sites on the Internet and is also crawled by spiders on a daily basis.

Here is a basic outline of what I do for getting my ads to show up in search results when using USFreeAds.

First you want to research what keywords you want to target. For this you can use the free keyword tool at Wordtracker. It gives you up to date results of daily searches for any term you want.

Next we will put in a broad search term like "Make Money Online"

Here are the results as of today:

964 make money online <== (This means that 964 people search for "make money online" every day!)

126 ways to make money online
119 make money free online
116 how to make money online
81 make money online for free
75 free ways to make money online
61 make money being online
56 how to make money online for free
44 make money online survey
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44 make quick money online
38 easiest free way to make money online
38 free make money online
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35 make money online business
33 internet make money online survey
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33 make money online for newbie
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31 business make money online opportunity
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29 texas make money online
28 affiliate internet make money online program
28 make money online and work from home
28 make money online free
26 herbalife business opportunity make money online from home
26 make money from home online
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26 make money online writing
26 online surveys earn how can i make money by fillin
24 earn or make online money
24 free ways to make money online survey site earn extra
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24 make money from online business
24 online survey make money work at home
22 earn make money online survey
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22 home job online surveys make money work at home
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21 business internet make money online opportunity system loan
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15 make money online earn money at home business and work
15 make money online internet survey 3
15 make money taking surveys online no cost to me
15 make money with online auctions
15 the best way to make money online easy
14 auction make money online legitimate home based business
14 buck make money online
14 business home internet opportunity make money while online
14 business home make money online insane income work from

Though you might be tempted to go compete with the term "Make Money Online", just know that it has 31,000,000 competing pages in Google and will be next to impossible to show up in USFreeAds on page 1. We need to go through each keyword and check how much competition their is. We need to find something that has about 100,000 or under pages with the phrase in it.

Bonus Tip: An even better way to drill down your research even more is to find out how many people are putting the keyword phrase in their anchor text. To do this simply enter this in the Google search box ==> link: "your keyword here"

Just because their is a lot of competition does not mean many people are optimizing their pages for that keyword. You can find keywords with 1,000,000 competing pages and only a couple of thousand people linking with that keyword. This is what we want to look for.

Let's take the phrase "make money business opportunity online". It gets 19 searches a day, has about 4,500,000 million competition in Google and only has 25,300 people linking with that word in their anchor text. I think that this will be a good phrase to target.

Next we will go to USFreeAds and sign up for the premium account for $10 a month. This allows us to put HTML in our ads and anchor text in the links.

We would then place a new classified and put the keyword in the title. After this write a decent ad describing your product or service and make sure to place the keyword again somewhere in the body of the ad, but don't overdue it.

At the bottom of the ad make sure you link to the target with the keyword in the anchor text. With the premium membership you can also put pictures in your ad and put tags on them which can show up in search engine image results.

That's it your done! Now all you have to do is get a couple of backlinks to your ad from other free classifieds and social bookmarking sites. Go to Craigslist and Gumtree and put up ads their linking to your USFreeAds ad. Next you can sign up for and submit your ad to a bunch of social networking sites for even more backlinks.

You can even go further and write articles and put up PPC campaigns, but it won't be neccesary. In a couple of weeks you should start to see your ad in Google when you search for that keyword. If it does not show up just do some more keyword research and move on.

Go to USFreeAds and sign up for your premium account and get started with classified advertising to generate traffic and leads for your business.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The TAS Network: A New Kind Of Article Directory

One of my favorite ways to get traffic to my website is through article marketing. In the coming months I am going to talk about the different ways that I use article marketing to drive tons of traffic and backlinks to my sites and blog.

The usually way to market articles is to submit them to high traffic article directories like and SearchWarp. You can also use a service like Article Marketer which automatically submits your article to hundreds of publishers.

Up until recently the only benefit you got out of submitting articles was the free traffic and backlinks from high page rank websites. These directories make their money by selling advertising on their website and they get a lot of traffic because everyday people are submitting fresh and unique content to feed the search engine spiders with.

Just the other day I ran across the coolest thing I have ever seen yet in article marketing. Now authors have the chance to get paid to submit articles and get huge amounts of backlinks and traffic at the same time.

An Internet marketer named Peter Drew has created a network called The Article Sense. This is in it's early stages of development and is sure to give the big boys a run for their money.

What Does The TAS Network Do?

When you become a member of the TAS network, you get your own article directory that you can submit your work to, but you get a share of the advertising revenue generated. It's a revenue sharing article directory, but this is only the beginning of the possibilities.

When you submit an article you can also embed video and your resource box. After this you can click one button and submit to a bunch of social bookmarking sites for even more traffic and your site also comes with an RSS feed to submit.

The TAS network also lets you invite friends for extra earnings and exposure. If you invite somebody to join The Article Sense network, your Google Adsense publisher ID gets displayed on 10% of the articles that they write. Also when you submit an article to the directory your article is shown on 33% of the entire network with your Adsense code embedded in it.

The forum that they provide is absolutely priceless also. It provides a entire 10 step plan of how to get started and market your articles for maximum exposure. The TAS network is absolutely free to join and you get the benefit of submitting your articles and making money at the same time.

I think that this is going to get pretty big. You should try to get in now and start submitting content and build up a nice referral list. It is some easy money.

You can learn more about the Article Sense Network by clicking here: TAS Network

Go and get paid to submit your articles!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Idiocy Of Accepting Second Best

I found this online the other day and found it very inspiring. Read this and maybe this year will be the one in which you will transform yourself and start living your life to its fullest potential. It is a long read but well worth it. It will get you thinking about yourself and what has been holding you back from success.

The Idiocy Of Accepting Second Best

By Ted Twietmeyer

I have agonized for some time over writing this, but thought it was past time someone did. Much of this essay is redundant for many readers. But it presents new concepts for others.

America was founded by men who never settled for second best. Despite their flaws and imperfections, they were all men of accomplishment and self-study. Thomas Jefferson was personally trained by George Wythe (1726-1806) to be a lawyer, who himself was a lawyer.

It was a time when life was tough for there was no central heating, air conditioning, electricity or running water. Walls in homes were painted with paint made of sour cream, lead and charcoal to provide a grey color. Ancient Rome had running water and central heating in some buildings, but America in the 1700's did not to the best of my knowledge. Even the church where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech is still standing today and can be visited. The people of 1776 had none of these luxuries we take for granted today.

We tend to think in compressed terms that a relatively short time passed between the time the colonies were established and America's Declaration of Independence in 1776 ­ but this is far from true. In 2007 the state of Virginia celebrated its 400th anniversary. When the Constitution was signed, 169 YEARS had passed under the thumb of the king. It was time for a change so American could be free from the tyranny of England. No more subservience for America............

Read the entire article here:

Hello And Welcome To The Internet Marketing Den!

Hey everybody, what's up!

My name is Daniel Cassidy and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Musician/Singer/Songwriter and also work full-time as a Graphic Artist in a printing shop. When I am not busy with my band or working, I am always on a mission to make some money! I love making money and especially making money online! I have been at this hard for about two years and have spent a lot of money learning and making mistakes, but now I have it all figured out.

I started this blog to share with you some of the things that I have learned in the IM and affiliate marketing world. I want to share with you my success stories and secrets. Feel free to comment and tell me about your own experiences also in the IM world or with affiliate marketing.

One of my favorite ways to make money and the way that I think is most profitable is with network marketing. I love the idea of residual income. I believe that multi-level marketing is the best way to leverage your income and make passive income. I have been involved with some companies in the past that have not worked out, but I finally found something that I love. You can check out my website

This is my primary business and system for recruiting up to 20 new reps a week! It is really powerful and can be operated on a shoe string budget! Be sure to sign up for the free 7-Day e-course on Internet marketing secrets or get a free trial to the primary business I am involved with.

Best regards,
Daniel Cassidy