Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Trouble Traffic Review: Real Website Traffic For Real Results

I recently have started to outsource a lot of my work to free up some time and work on starting new projects. Now outsourcing can sometimes be a pain, but once you get hooked up with a trustworthy partner or company, it can benefit you tremendously by having someone else take care of the heavy work load and time consuming tasks every day.

Currently I am using No Trouble Traffic to help drive fresh targeted traffic to a couple of my websites and I am completely satisfied by the work and support I have received since the start of my campaign.

What I like about this service is that you simply provide a URL a couple of keywords and a short description of your website and then they take over and do the rest of the grunt work by writing articles and posting on related forums, blogs and Yahoo Answers. They also provide social bookmarking to boost your traffic even more from multiple sources.

There is no wondering weather or not the work is being done or not because every month you get a full report in the No Trouble Traffic members area of all the work that is done up to the present including links to articles and posts on Yahoo Answers or in forums and blogs.

Support is excellent and questions or concerns are answered very quickly and nothing is left out. I have tried other similar services in the past only to be left alone and in the dark about my work and progress.

No Trouble Traffic provides webmasters with real results using proven traffic methods and no experimental or junk traffic generation. The great thing is that even if you stop using the service, you will still benefit from the residual traffic forever from all the back links they work on placing for you all over the Internet.

Right now the price is an absolute steal at $197 a month. This is only an introductory offer and 50 spots will be open until they are filled up and gone forever. I really suggest you jump on this now if you are looking to hire someone to get your website traffic. You can easily make this back with a few sales if your website has a good sales page or product.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proven Tested Traffic Sources & A Free Ad Tracker

Every successful marketer needs to constantly track and test
their ad campaigns so that they can maximize their ROI.

I run dozens of ads every week and I am always testing out
new advertising resources to find the best converting ones.

Fortunately I get a little help and inside information from
the folks over at Traffic Testers.

What's great about this service is that they run the campaigns
and track the results so you can get a look before you place
your ads if the advertiser lives up to their claims or if it's just
another scam to avoid.

When you become a member of Traffic Testers you get every
month 10 new ad sources to choose from with detailed reports
of real campaigns that were run with them.

Your membership will provide you with access to information
on the following types of traffic:

Pay Per Click
Targeted Traffic
Classifieds (Free & Paid)
Traffic Exchanges
Email Marketing
Purchased Leads
Solo Ads
Static Text Links
Banner Advertising
Text Link Advertising
Guaranteed Signups
Directory Submission Software/Services
Search Engine Submission Software/Services
Ezine Advertising

I really love this service and feel confident every time I spend
money advertising that I'll make even more back, not to mention
the other goodies and bonuses inside the members area.

Click here to check out Traffic Testers and find out more benefits
of being a member.

I also recently discovered a new ad tracking service that is free to sign up with and lets you track up to 5 websites with the free tracker. When I joined and was going through the members area, the tracker looked very similar to the way that Adtrackz works. I wish I had known about this before I spent $77 on Adtrackz, but I don't mind because it's hosted on my server and not someone else.

If you want to start experimenting with ad tracking and are looking for a free one, I suggest you check out Pro Tracker Plus. It functions just like any other tracker and tracks clicks, actions and sales plus PPC keywords and gives you the ability to cloak affiliate links all for no charge. Click here to get your free Pro Tracker Plus ad tracker.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Switching Back To HostGator Web Hosting

After finally having enough with my current web hosting company which I'll will not name right now, I am moving back to HostGator which is something I should of done a long time ago and was the stupidest mistake I ever made by leaving them.

Let me tell you it really sucks having an unreliable web hosting company. It's hard to sleep at night not knowing if your websites are up and running and if everything is running smoothly.

HostGator has one of the best reputations online and they certainly live up to it. I recommend them to anybody who is looking for anything from a web hosting starter package all the way up to reseller and dedicated server plans.

The support is outstanding and the uptime is truly 99.9%. I don't ever recall having downtime when I was with them, and I am looking forward to going back and having my websites run smoothly once again.

One thing that really sucks switching web hosting servers is having to transfer the websites from one to the other. The hardest part was trying to transfer my Wordpress blogs and SQL databases, but I figured it out using the import - export features and the website backup features in cPanel. Once you have the old database imported, you just have to change a few settings like the new username and passwords and your fine.

Anyway, I'm can't wait to get back up and running with HostGator and finally getting back on track with my marketing instead of talking back and forth between tech support.

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