Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Licenses Available For 5 Minute Minisites

I came across this software the end of last year and purchased it when it was first released. I have to say that 5 Minute Minisites is probably one of the coolest and easiest self generating content website apps out there. It is not your usual scraped article RSS content generator, as a matter of fact it does not even use articles for it's content.

The name of it is no joke. You can literally put up a full website that is full of links and content in a matter of minutes. The 5 Minute Minisites software utilizes a technology that pulls feeds that are not used by most people to provide a self generating constantly updated website that has video feeds, photo feeds, blogs, news, related links, articles and auction feeds.

The process of creating a website is as simple as uploading a file to your server and then just inserting a keyword and the software will do the rest of the work by instantly pulling content from various sources and producing a full 8 page website translated into 8 different languages for a total of 64 pages from one keyword. You can then expand your website even more by adding more keywords and creating new pages on a subdomain or new directory.

If you have a lot of domains that are not developed yet and are just sitting around collecting pennies from being parked 5 Minute Minisites is a great way to monetize them and get some pages indexed fast. The templates are very nice and clean CSS Wordpress style templates with Adsense perfectly blended into each one. It also gives you the ability to insert your own custom banner on each page as well as a Commission Junction ID to collect commissions from eBay auction ads. You can also insert a custom message or paragraph, kind of like a blog post at the top of each page.

One of my favorite features is the site flippers license that is available right now for only a limited time. Using this you have the right to sell websites created with the software. You can very easily buy a domain for $10 and make a website with 64 pages of content instantly and turn around and flip for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have a chance I would definitely check out this program before it goes off the market. I don't know if the licenses for it will be available forever. There are also some cool bonuses you can pick up like an international markets keyword research tool.

Click here to learn more about 5 Minute Minisites.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate Review

I do not write a lot of reviews about ebooks, but when I do you can be sure it is something that I have actually purchased myself and have read. Now I have spent a lot of money on crap that I could recommend to you, but why would I want to do this. You will just wind up being angry at wasting your money on rehashed information that will just leave you hanging and needing more and never trust my word again.

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate by Chris Rempel is one exception to these guru affiliate marketing manuals that don't deliver on their promise.

What I don't like about most books on internet affiliate marketing is that they have no real blueprint or step-by-step system for implementing the techniques they tell you about. This leaves most people stranded and looking for more information and not having a plan of action to build their business from.

Now one thing that I can say that is negative about Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate is that the concept of it being for lazy people could be misleading to some people, but not if you follow some of the suggestions Chris gives in his book to outsource the steps freeing up your time to be more lazy.

This book is definitely not for someone with no experience. You will need some understanding of basic internet marketing and web design concepts to understand the blueprint in full which are not explained in the book. It is designed also show you how to make money without paid advertising for the marketer on a tight budget.

What Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate gets into is first starting off by finding a market with a large demand and lots of buyers. It is the exact opposite of what most guru's will tell you about finding small niche markets based around your passions.

This book takes you step-by-step from market research, building mini websites that are built for set and forget traffic and then eventually leading into your own product creation for future expansion of your income. It also touches on some extremely powerful viral traffic generation techniques utilizing shareware and freeware to submit to software directories that generate instant viral traffic and sales for your affiliate product.

Now if you want to truly be lazy, Chris explains how you can outsource most of the work involved in building and marketing the mini sites that can cost anywhere from $500-700 dollars each, but if done properly with a great market in demand, it can bring in thousands of dollars in residual income every year on autopilot.

What I really like about Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate is that nothing is mysterious on the sales page. You get exactly what you see. There is no guesswork as to what the methods are, no secrets and no hyped up talk about you making millions of dollars from some washed up internet marketing method that has been used by a million people. You probably know many of the methods already, but might not know exactly how to put them into action and make money with them.

The book is 62 pages long and priced at a very affordable $29.95 - I would have to say that there is more value in these pages then most $47 or $97 dollar books I have purchased that only tell you about one technique. Here you are getting five proven strategies for getting free traffic and a complete blueprint for building an empire of mini websites one at a time that pull in traffic that buys in a high demand market.

Click Here For Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

Saturday, February 9, 2008

3 Different Ways To Get High Quality Unique Content For Your Website Or Blog

One of the major challenges many marketers face when trying to build websites or establish a presence online if finding unique content for their websites or blog. Some of the downsides of using other authors articles are that you have to provide a link back to their websites which draw attention away from your site and many other people could be using the same article decreasing the chances of it getting a good position in the search engines.

This leaves us with the only option of creating our own unique content. We are going to discuss three different ways that you can get unique content for your website or blog and establish yourself as an authority in your niche over time.

1. Write It Yourself Or Hire A Ghostwriter

This is the way that most people do it and is the most time consuming depending on your writing skills. I have gotten to the point where I can write a 400-500 word article in as little as fifteen minutes.

If you decide to write it yourself to make the process go a lot smoother I would suggest you do some research at first so when it comes down to the actual writing process you will know exactly what to write about and not get stumped.

A simple way to do this is to do some basic keyword research and find the topic you are going to write on. After you have found your keyword you are going to need to search for the keyword in Google and find four to five related articles from different websites which you can use as a reference for what to write about. You want to make each paragraph revolve around one point and then add a introduction telling the readers what it is about and a conclusion summing it up. After you do this for awhile it becomes easier and you should be banging out articles like there is no tomorrow.

If you don't have the time or not confident enough to do this, there is always the option of hiring a ghostwriter. You can simply go to a website like or and start looking for writers. You can writers that will make a 400-500 word article from anywhere from $3 - $15 an article.

You can also look around in online forums. There are always people advertising article writing services for cheap. Just make sure you always get a sample of someones work to make sure you are getting your moneys worth.

2. Private Label Rights Articles

The next option would be to buy or download free private label rights articles. This is kind of like hiring a ghostwriter, only the articles you have could also be owned by hundreds of other people also. With PLR articles you have the right to change the content in any way you want to.

The only downside to this is that you have to rewrite the articles if you are going to submit them to article directories. This is because all directories ban any uploading of PLR, so you have to make you version unique. You can do this by simply changing the title and rewriting the body of the article in your own words.

Alternatively you can also hire a freelancer to rewrite them for you or buy a article content spinner to come up with unique versions of them. Personally I find it faster to rewrite them myself then to use a content spinner. Most of them require a lot of setup and some don't work that good and only spit out stuff that does not make sense only to have you rewriting it in the end anyway.

3. Public Domain Works

The public domain is a huge source of untapped content that can be used in any way you want because there is no copyrights on the material. There are thousands and thousands of works in the public domain that can be picked up and repackaged under your name and sold or submitted as your work.

If you decide to go this route, you really need to do the proper copyright research and totally make sure that you are able to use the material. You can not only use it for articles and content, but you can also make reports and brand them with your affiliate links to distribute all over.

That's about it really for your options of getting quality unique content for your website or blog. If you are interested in my favorite article research tool check out Instant Article Wizard. This neat little program takes a lot of time out of article research and writing. It's about the closest thing you will ever own to a program that writes an article for you with the push of a button. Click here for more information on Instant Article Wizard.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lower Your Taxes To The Legal Minimum With Home Business Tax Deductions

The tax season is coming up soon and if you own a home business or do Internet marketing, you may be unaware of the many tax deductions that are available to you when you operate a small business out of your home.

It is vital that you keep excellent records of all your activity if you plan on using your home business as a tax write off. Make sure to save all of your receipts for software, ISP charges, cell phone, marketing expenses, Adwords and other related expenses that your business costs.

Owning a home business can give you much more in tax savings compared to just having a regular job where there are only very few things you can do to save.

For instance you can use your car and track the mileage traveling back and forth between your home office and work and use that as a tax deduction. It is also possible to use a part of your home and deduct a percentage of your utilities that you use for your home office. You can even write off travel and dining expenses used for talking to clients and new prospects if you are involved with network marketing or Internet marketing.

The list is absolutely huge of all the things you can deduct from web hosting costs to outsourcing work for your business online.

There is even a way that you can take home more money from your regular job every week by doing a little trick that is totally legal and only works for people that own a home business. This one trick alone can show you a way to find extra money to operate your home business or Internet marketing business.

Click here for a complete guide to learning how to lower your taxes to the legal minimum with a home business and find that extra cash that you need desperately!