Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Licenses Available For 5 Minute Minisites

I came across this software the end of last year and purchased it when it was first released. I have to say that 5 Minute Minisites is probably one of the coolest and easiest self generating content website apps out there. It is not your usual scraped article RSS content generator, as a matter of fact it does not even use articles for it's content.

The name of it is no joke. You can literally put up a full website that is full of links and content in a matter of minutes. The 5 Minute Minisites software utilizes a technology that pulls feeds that are not used by most people to provide a self generating constantly updated website that has video feeds, photo feeds, blogs, news, related links, articles and auction feeds.

The process of creating a website is as simple as uploading a file to your server and then just inserting a keyword and the software will do the rest of the work by instantly pulling content from various sources and producing a full 8 page website translated into 8 different languages for a total of 64 pages from one keyword. You can then expand your website even more by adding more keywords and creating new pages on a subdomain or new directory.

If you have a lot of domains that are not developed yet and are just sitting around collecting pennies from being parked 5 Minute Minisites is a great way to monetize them and get some pages indexed fast. The templates are very nice and clean CSS Wordpress style templates with Adsense perfectly blended into each one. It also gives you the ability to insert your own custom banner on each page as well as a Commission Junction ID to collect commissions from eBay auction ads. You can also insert a custom message or paragraph, kind of like a blog post at the top of each page.

One of my favorite features is the site flippers license that is available right now for only a limited time. Using this you have the right to sell websites created with the software. You can very easily buy a domain for $10 and make a website with 64 pages of content instantly and turn around and flip for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you have a chance I would definitely check out this program before it goes off the market. I don't know if the licenses for it will be available forever. There are also some cool bonuses you can pick up like an international markets keyword research tool.

Click here to learn more about 5 Minute Minisites.

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