Saturday, March 8, 2008

Google Adsense: 3 Ways To Increase Your Adsense Income

Today many Internet marketers and bloggers are finding much harder to earn money with the Google Adsense program. When it was first introduced, many publishers found it easy to make thousands of dollars, but now many of them are finding their income cut in half and barely making a few dollars a day.

If you plan on making serious money with Adsense, you have to either have hundreds of small niche websites that make a few dollars a day or you need a big website that gets millions of page views every month. Some webmasters find it easier to concentrate on building smaller niche websites based on high paying keywords.

Here are some ways that you can instantly increase your Google Adsense income by implementing these strategies today.

1. Google Custom Search Engines

This is one thing that very few people are utilizing. With Google custom search engines you can create your own search engine on any subject and also customize which websites to crawl to bring back relevant results.

Let's say you have a website about dog training. You can create a custom search engine and specify which dog training websites you want it to search to bring back results from these sites. When the user clicks on any of the paid sponsor ads, you will get paid by Adsense. The great thing about this is that you are earning more money then regular Adsense clicks because the results are on the regular network and not the content network where people don't bid as much for inclusion.

When you start to use Google's custom search engines you will notice a much higher CTR and also more money being made by your clicks.

2. Start Your Own Article Directory

It's a fact that owning your own article directory is a great way to increase your Adsense earnings. Article directories like and earn thousands of dollars from Adsense becuase they are always being updated with fresh unique content from the authors that submit to them and have hundreds of thousands of pages indexed in Google.

Having your own article directory also lifts the burden of having to generate your own content which can be very time consuming. You can just sit back and have content created for you and collect Adsense revenue for yourself.

You can easily create your own article directory by downloading a number of scripts available that will let you setup your site to receive articles automatically from article distribution websites like Article Marketer and iSnare.

3. Custom Website Parking Pages

Instead of parking your unused domains at Sedo, try making your own custom parking page with your Adsense ads and content. All you have to do is create a simple page with an article based on the subject of your domain with a couple of images and place Adsense all over the page blended into the background.

Instead of earning pennies every click for your type-in traffic domains or expired domains you can earn money from the Adsense ads which will pay you 100% instead of giving a percentage away to the parking company.

Doing this will also get you organic search traffic from your content instead of having a parked page with nothing but sponsored links on it.

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