Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EasyBlogsPro: Harness The Power Of A Wordpress Article Directory

Up until recently having your own article directory required having to buy or download an article directory script that would need to be installed and setup to receive and create new accounts from authors and article distribution sites around the Internet like Article Marketer and iSnare.

Now Kim Standerline and her partner James Lee have introduced Internet marketers to EasyBlogsPro which is a powerful new article directory script which harnesses the awesome power of the Wordpress blogging platform.

Wordpress is considered hands down the best publishing platform around with its ease of use and also being very search engine friendly and indexed and ranked quickly by major search engines.

This gives EasyBlogsPro a big advantage over a regular article directory script. With this software you can have all of the features of a fully functional article directory along with the publishing power of Wordpress with its automatic pinging features and add on plug-ins features which make it a very powerful combo.

It's a proven fact that when you own your own article directory, your Adsense income will explode because you will constantly be updated with fresh content for search engine spiders to feed off.

Installation of EasyBlogsPro is a breeze and the setup can be done in a matter of 10 minutes. All that is required is to upload a couple of PHP scripts into your Wordpress directory and then sign up with one of the article submission sites to start receiving articles daily on autopilot or if you choose to put them in draft mode to review.

The articles come from the three big article distribution sites right now including Article Marketer, Isnare and The Phantom Writers with more to be added in the future.

Along with the article directory scripts come a bunch of other bonuses like some custom Wordpress templates, videos to get started and a big folder of the best Wordpress plug-ins to get your new directory up and running and optimized perfectly for maximum Adsense and affiliate revenue.

You can either choose to setup a tightly themed niche article site or just a general directory with every category. Whichever you choose, EasyBlogsPro looks like a promising new piece of software for Adsense publishers and Internet marketers looking to make a nice income off of a hands free low maintenance website with constantly updated fresh content.

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