Thursday, July 3, 2008

Review Of The My World Plus Opportunity - Make Money And Save In Hard Economic Times

Every now and then comes along an opportunity with the right product and right timing to that makes a huge impact in people's lives. My World Plus is one of those opportunities that comes along just when people need it the most. The timing of this program and it's timeless product are perfect for hard economic times ahead for everyone. With the fear of recession and rising cost of energy, food and services, My World Plus offers a unique way for the average consumer to save hundreds of dollars every month, while at the same time giving them a chance to earn a second income.

What Do You Get With A Membership?

Members of My World Plus get the chance to save money every time they purchase something at over 200,000 retailers worldwide. Every thing from travel, entertainment, food and clothes from local merchants. Every member gets a discount shopping card and can print out savings coupons which can be handed in at merchants for savings.

My World Plus also has a cash back shopping of up to 20% at over 2,000 online stores. A membership only cost $20 a month, but the cost will pay for itself over and over again compared to the hundreds in savings you will find when shopping with your savings card and coupons.

But this is only the start of the great benefits you get when becoming a member. You also get a chance to participate in one of the most lucrative compensation plans of any home based business opportunity out there today. Members have the chance to earn money

5 Different Ways To Earn Income

As a reward for sharing the savings with other people, My World Plus introduces a unique compensation plan that allows the average person with no home based business experience to earn income in up to five different ways.

The system implements a vertical acceleration model which leverages the efforts of people above and below you for the benefit of the whole group. In addition to the vertical acceleration, the system also provides lots of bonuses and residual income as rewards for top performing affiliates.

Runs Almost Completely Automated

If you decide to use the My World Plus membership to make money with in addition to the savings, they provide you with a automated marketing system to follow up with prospects and potential team members.

You get your own lead capture pages hosted for free with a system designed to follow up personally with prospects that helps you earn more money and get more signups without any work on your end.

It's up to you to get visitors to your site and promote your My World Plus business, and the system will take it from there. All of the methods on how to bring people to your website along with weekly training calls are all available inside the members area.


With a product that literally pays for itself, and one of the most lucrative and powerful compensation plans in the home business industry, it's no wonder that My World Plus is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In these hard economic times coming many people are looking to save money and this program provides a solution to people looking to save big and earn more.

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