Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Switching Back To HostGator Web Hosting

After finally having enough with my current web hosting company which I'll will not name right now, I am moving back to HostGator which is something I should of done a long time ago and was the stupidest mistake I ever made by leaving them.

Let me tell you it really sucks having an unreliable web hosting company. It's hard to sleep at night not knowing if your websites are up and running and if everything is running smoothly.

HostGator has one of the best reputations online and they certainly live up to it. I recommend them to anybody who is looking for anything from a web hosting starter package all the way up to reseller and dedicated server plans.

The support is outstanding and the uptime is truly 99.9%. I don't ever recall having downtime when I was with them, and I am looking forward to going back and having my websites run smoothly once again.

One thing that really sucks switching web hosting servers is having to transfer the websites from one to the other. The hardest part was trying to transfer my Wordpress blogs and SQL databases, but I figured it out using the import - export features and the website backup features in cPanel. Once you have the old database imported, you just have to change a few settings like the new username and passwords and your fine.

Anyway, I'm can't wait to get back up and running with HostGator and finally getting back on track with my marketing instead of talking back and forth between tech support.

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