Saturday, April 19, 2008

The SpiderWeb Marketing System: Is This Finally The First Real Automated Internet Business?

There is a brand new Internet marketing lead generation system out called the SpiderWeb marketing system which could quite possibly be the world's first real automated internet business that would require virtually hands free maintenance and operation.

One of the most powerful features of the system is the addition of an automated blog that gets updated with content by a team of writers for all the members of the system and helps bring in traffic and revenue from the 12 income streams that can be earned as a member of the system.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Not long at all. Once you become a free member of the SpiderWeb marketing system you get to browse the back office which contains step-by-step videos in setting up your automated income and traffic streams. All of the steps can be completed in about two hours. The only thing you have to do is get approved by some affiliate networks like CJ and Adsense which will be easy once you have your blog setup.

Here is an example of an automated blog that they setup for you:
Click here for to see the automated blog

It is customized with your personal information, so it makes it more unique and avoids duplicate content by having different content then other members.

How Much Does It Cost?

Becoming a member of the SpiderWeb marketing system is absolutely free right now. The only other setup cost is a small $10 a month fee which is required for domain and hosting of your blog, but this $10 a month fee will also have the potential to earn you lots of income as you refer others to the system.

Besides the domain and hosting fees, there are some other programs that you have the option to upgrade in and earn additional income streams with. The only other out of pocket expenses would be for advertising should you choose to use PPC ads which drive the automated traffic to your website.

You could of course decide to market it free which would make the system not so automated and also eat up more of your time in finding alternatives to drive website traffic through other sources.


It's still too early to tell what the success of the SpiderWeb marketing system will be, but so far thousands of people have jumped on board. As far as finding an automated Internet business, this system is probably the closest thing you will ever come to finding a hands free, low maintenance system that can earn you money.

If your willing to pay a small $10 fee for hosting and put a little money into advertising, the SpiderWeb marketing system could be what you have been searching for. Once you setup the system, you can literally spend as little as five minutes a day and earn income from twelve different sources.

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