Sunday, January 13, 2008

Using Free Classifieds For Traffic And Leads

One of the quickest ways to get started with driving targeted traffic to your website or blog is through the use of free classifieds. Many of these sites get millions of hits every month and can bring you some serious traffic if you post the right ad.

One of the newest additions is a website called which is kind of like another Craigslist, but not as plain looking. Craigslist is still great and also has a very high page rank. If you are first putting up a website that is not indexed, just put up a quick ad on Craigslist and you should be indexed in 24 hours becuase Google crawls this site everyday.

It is not unusual to see your ad appear in the search results after posting to Craigslist in as little as one week as long as the search term does not have much competition.

Another site which I use regularly is USFreeAds. This is one of the most visited free classified sites on the Internet and is also crawled by spiders on a daily basis.

Here is a basic outline of what I do for getting my ads to show up in search results when using USFreeAds.

First you want to research what keywords you want to target. For this you can use the free keyword tool at Wordtracker. It gives you up to date results of daily searches for any term you want.

Next we will put in a broad search term like "Make Money Online"

Here are the results as of today:

964 make money online <== (This means that 964 people search for "make money online" every day!)

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Though you might be tempted to go compete with the term "Make Money Online", just know that it has 31,000,000 competing pages in Google and will be next to impossible to show up in USFreeAds on page 1. We need to go through each keyword and check how much competition their is. We need to find something that has about 100,000 or under pages with the phrase in it.

Bonus Tip: An even better way to drill down your research even more is to find out how many people are putting the keyword phrase in their anchor text. To do this simply enter this in the Google search box ==> link: "your keyword here"

Just because their is a lot of competition does not mean many people are optimizing their pages for that keyword. You can find keywords with 1,000,000 competing pages and only a couple of thousand people linking with that keyword. This is what we want to look for.

Let's take the phrase "make money business opportunity online". It gets 19 searches a day, has about 4,500,000 million competition in Google and only has 25,300 people linking with that word in their anchor text. I think that this will be a good phrase to target.

Next we will go to USFreeAds and sign up for the premium account for $10 a month. This allows us to put HTML in our ads and anchor text in the links.

We would then place a new classified and put the keyword in the title. After this write a decent ad describing your product or service and make sure to place the keyword again somewhere in the body of the ad, but don't overdue it.

At the bottom of the ad make sure you link to the target with the keyword in the anchor text. With the premium membership you can also put pictures in your ad and put tags on them which can show up in search engine image results.

That's it your done! Now all you have to do is get a couple of backlinks to your ad from other free classifieds and social bookmarking sites. Go to Craigslist and Gumtree and put up ads their linking to your USFreeAds ad. Next you can sign up for and submit your ad to a bunch of social networking sites for even more backlinks.

You can even go further and write articles and put up PPC campaigns, but it won't be neccesary. In a couple of weeks you should start to see your ad in Google when you search for that keyword. If it does not show up just do some more keyword research and move on.

Go to USFreeAds and sign up for your premium account and get started with classified advertising to generate traffic and leads for your business.